Senior Management

EPOS is a company that strives to unleash human potential by the power of audio. We perfect audio experiences and create solutions with focus on design, performance, reliability and pioneering audio technology. To achieve this perfection, we link our competences across disciplines and responsibilities.

As part of our successful approach of developing state-of-the-art technologies and methods, we constantly explore new avenues with the aim of delivering premium audio products that excite their users as much as we are passionate about their creation. This philosophy is what commits us to deliver excellent results in all aspects of our business.

We are authentic, do our best, discover new ways and think ahead.

Jeppe Dalberg-Larsen, President

Jeppe has headed Sennheiser Communications A/S for the last 15 years, and will also head EPOS in the future. He has driven an ambitious growth strategy in the CC&O and gaming market from the beginning, and over the past years led the company from a small new-bizz to a global player for enterprise solutions.

With a background from Demant Group as CIO, he is an experienced tech-leader with profound knowledge in global IT development and business analysis. His more than 20 years in the audio industry make him one of the most influential Danish experts in the field.

Sennheiser Communications has created great results for the past 16 years. 2019 has been a year of transition, getting ready for the new set-ups on both sides, but it has also been a year with great ambitions and incredible teamwork to get to where we are today."

Jeppe Dalberg-Larsen

President at EPOS/Sennheiser Communications

Lars Riis Rasmussen

Senior Vice President, Global Sales, Enterprise

With 25 years of industry experience, Lars has a strong background in international sales. Lars belongs to the senior management team and heads the global planning and execution of all sales activities on a strategic, tactical as well as operational level. During his eight years in Sennheiser Communications he has significantly grown the global sales channel for Sennheiser Enterprise Solutions. Earlier in his career, he held positions at other international technology companies such as Bang & Olufsen and Atmel Corporation.

Jesper Kock

Vice President, Research & Development

As Vice President of R&D and part of the senior management team, Jesper is responsible for ensuring technological synergies are leveraged through strategic partnerships and new market and technology trends are addressed accordingly. He is also responsible for keeping the R&D organisation lean and efficient while growing new segments and headcounts. He has been Vice President of R&D for more than six years, and within four years succeeding in doubling the capacity of the division and transforming the focus of R&D from hardware to software. His 22 years in the audio industry make Jesper one of the leading experts in R&D in the sector.

Theis Mørk

Vice President, Product Management, Enterprise

As part of the senior management team, Theis stands for an ambitious and visionary product portfolio where user-centricity is essential. Throughout his career in global companies such as Bang & Olufsen, GN Netcom (Jabra) and Fujitsu Siemens Computers, he has built a strong commercial understanding and market orientation. With almost 20 years in the tech industry, Theis has extensive experience within Product- Category- and Business Management.

Andreas Jessen

Senior Director, Product Management & Marketing, Gaming

Andreas is a part of the senior management team, and stands for an ambitious and visionary product portfolio across the Gaming category, where user-centricity is essential. He is globally responsible for new product development and life-cycle management of existing products within the division, as well as marketing activities across the sector. Andreas has more than ten years’ experience in the tech, and specifically audio, industry and has extensive product knowledge and marketing expertise from his years with Sennheiser Communications.

Steven Schmidt

Senior Director, Global Sales, Gaming

As responsible for our global sales strategy, Steven works to further our expansion of the gaming business worldwide - setting up our new global sales team and onboarding new direct accounts worldwide. Steven is part of the senior management team and has more than 16 years’ experience steering sales teams, managing markets and working with global brands and talent across the world in larger co-operations. He has a broad strategic experience from previous high-profile roles including Sales Director for the Nordics at Sonos Inc. and various sales positions within Jabra.