As with our products, we strive to constantly push our own personal capabilities and become even stronger as individuals and excel as a team.

In our supportive performance culture, we encourage discovery and personal growth to eventually become the best professional version of ourselves. The importance of building trust to each other to secure effective collaboration is aligned with our internal aspiration to succeed as a team. To ensure that each individual in the company is guided by the same assumptions and behaviors when working as a team, we have four key values:

INTEGRITY Be authentic

We work best as a team. To shape our collaborations in the most beneficial and satisfying ways, we apply the highest ethical standards. It should thus be given that we are honest, respectful and trustworthy, whilst honoring our commitment and keeping our promises.

PASSION Do your best

We are proud of being a premium brand and take satisfaction from excelling in what we do and always delivering the best possible solution. It is, therefore, natural that we strive wholeheartedly to excel and win by being persistent and going the extra mile.

CREATIVITY Discover new ways

Within the framework of our values and resources, we encourage each-other to challenge the status quo and suggest new ideas, which should be based on ones’ underlying curiosity and willingness to inspire others. By listening actively and providing feedback, new ideas can be approached constructively.


To ensure constant development at an individual and company level we promote an environment in which we take initiative, identify risk and involve people in decisions that affect them. We highly encourage you to learn from your failures and successes to support your personal growth.

Our vision and values guide us through our daily work in a meaningful and motivating way. This ensures that EPOS continues to be a workplace staffed by passionate and satisfied employees, who are proud of where they work and the results they create. That is why we actively base our working life on these values – each and every day.

Our workplace

In all global offices, we encourage teamwork and collaboration across departments, that is why you will find the offices to be based on open workplace principles. Just a stone-throw away from the bustling city of Copenhagen you will find the EPOS headquarters.

In this airy building, we take audio solutions seriously. You will therefore find a meeting room structure, where every room is named after the sound wheel, describing attributes (both desired and undesired) one will find within audio reproduction. The building also house sound laboratories and testing facilities, where the engineers constantly optimize toward the best possible solutions.

Our ambitions

New technological trends and fast-evolving user environments inspire us in our ambition to perfect audio solutions that unleash human potential. Solutions that encompass sound quality, iconic design, comfort, user-friendliness, hearing protection and durability.

We constantly improve and learn, and not just about technology. We also focus on leadership, optimal project setups and the way we learn from past projects. You will experience a certain buzz and dynamic work life, where great ideas win over past processes.

Our tribe

Being a global company with an international set-up makes English our natural corporate language. Our company culture is influenced by our heritage and ownership by Demant A/S with a familiar atmosphere and flat organizational structures.

We encourage discovery and personal growth to become the best professional version of ourselves, and believe diversity, new challenges and empowerment is vital for such a growth. To do so, we quest ourselves and co-workers to acheive new heights in our everyday lives; in our labs, in our cafés, at our desks, at our game nights or whereever we come together.