EPOS x Aston Martin Aramco F1® Team

EPOS teams up with Aston Martin Aramco F1® Team as Global Audio Partner

Few events rely on communication as much as Formula One®. When each fraction of a second counts, messages must be delivered clearly and with no delay. It’s a matter of winning or losing. Or even life and death.

That’s why high-end communication and collaboration tools are vital in the demanding world of Formula One®. And why we are partnering with Aston Martin Aramco F1® team as the Global Audio Partner.

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Passion for Performance

Aston Martin encapsulates technology, innovation and state-of-the-art engineering. And is a brand known for always seeking improvements, however small, that can make an important difference. These are qualities that we share and are at the very heart of what we do at EPOS.

We have an uncompromised passion for performance. Every day, we go the extra mile to unleash the power of audio by engineering high-end headsets and meeting room solutions that are crafted to last and designed to excite for business professionals.

As the Global Audio Partner of the most iconic brand in F1, we relish the opportunity to expand our global footprint and harness our shared expertise to mark a new era in F1 racing.

EPOS at the heart of Formula One® racing

Mission Control is central to the team’s strategy; it is where critical data is collected and analyzed, and strategy recommendations are made and executed. As it operates as the communications hub for multiple channels and teams, working across different locations, time zones, and environments it’s essential that noise in Mission Control is managed effectively so that important information is seamlessly relayed.

Built to empower reliable communication in critical situations thanks to distinctive features such as premium speech intelligibility and active noise cancellation, the EPOS COMMAND HME110 C3 headset will empower Aston Martin's race engineers and strategists at Mission Control to act with unparalleled efficiency, clarity, and precision.

As well as a new environment, we’ve been able to invest in new equipment across every department. One particular area where we’ve made considerable improvements is our new Mission Control facility. The opportunity to install EPOS HME110 headsets for every team member has been a great improvement. Clarity of sound and clarity of thought is essential in such a high-pressure environment – and using EPOS is providing us with first-class equipment"

Mike Krack

Team Principal, Aston Martin Aramco F1® team

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