Additional functions

Switching between Bluetooth® personal and shared mode

If the speakerphone is used as a personal device it will automatically attempt to connect to the last eight paired devices. In this setup the Personal Mode (default) should be used.

If the speakerphone is used as a shared device automatic connection to previously paired devices may not be desired. In this setup the Shared Mode should be used. In this mode pairing must be performed every time when connecting a device via Bluetooth.

After change of mode, the pairing list is cleared and you have to pair devices again.

After a while in standby mode, the speakerphone turns off, if there are no active connections and not connected to a power source.

Retrieving battery status

Charging the Speakerphone

When the battery charge level drops below 10%, the LED flashes red. When the battery is empty, the speakerphone turns off automatically.

If you do not use the speakerphone for extended periods of time it is recommended to charge it every 3 months. You can charge the speakerphone regardless of the power state (on or off).