EXPAND 30 and EXPAND 30T Standby and Off Modes

Standby Mode:

If there is no ongoing call, no music streaming and the device is not searching for Bluetooth for 5 minutes, the EXPAND 30/EXPAND 30T speakerphone goes to Standby mode.

  • This function is regardless of whether the EXPAND 30/EXPAND 30T is connected to Bluetooth, USB Power or there is no connection.

Off Mode:

EXPAND 30/EXPAND 30T goes from Standby mode to Off mode under any of these conditions:

- There are no connections to Bluetooth and USB Power for 10 minutes.

- There is a Bluetooth connection, but the speakerphone is not connected to USB Power for 2 hours.

  • EXPAND 30/EXPAND 30T will not go to Off Mode if it’s connected to USB Power.