EPOS VDI Solutions

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) set-ups enable enterprises for secure and cost effective collaboration.

EPOS Digital Solutions engage in partnerships with major Thin Client OS providers to deliver device management software and interoperability for your secure VDI environments

Get started with EPOS Connect VDI now and boost your employees productivity.

How does EPOS Digital Solutions work in a VDI environment?

Device Management

Installing and enabling EPOS Connect VDI on the end client enables your IT department to manage EPOS audio devices centrally with EPOS Manager.

Manage and update devices from anywhere

Remotely deploy and configure audio devices and get the latest firmware updates across locations to minimize downtime

Ensure high security and compatibility

Encrypted communication, no sensitive data storage and reliable compatibility with major operating systems and UC standards

Gain analysis and insight

Extract reports on device mix and headset usage to gain insights into the way your company works and how it can be improved


EPOS VDI Solutions enable various interoperability features that make the use of EPOS audio devices seamless and easy to use.


Plug-and-play for audio on your EPOS Devices to get started from the get go

Call Control

Answer, reject, mute, unmute, hold, unhold a call – with a simple click on the audio device

Presence recognition

Let your colleagues know if you are in a call or free to talk with the EPOS USB Busylight

To find out more about which UC & CC clients are supported, please view the Softphone Compatibility Guide.

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EPOS VDI Partners

EPOS Digital solutions collaborates closely with it’s VDI partners to enable seamless device management and interoperability for VDI environments.

  • Optimize your EPOS Audio Devices via IGEL OS-powered endpoints

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  • Optimize your EPOS Audio Devices via eLux powered endpoints

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  • Optimize your EPOS Audio Devices Seamlessly via Dell Wyse ThinOS powered endpoints

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  • Optimize your EPOS Audio Devices via NoTouch OS powered endpoints

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  • Optimize your EPOS Audio Devices on 10ZiG endpoints

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