EPOS announces the certification of EPOS EXPAND 80T with two expansion mics as a Microsoft Teams Rooms USB audio peripheral

Copenhagen, Denmark – January 28, 2021. EPOS, a leader in high-end audio processing, microphone and speaker design is delighted to announce that their EPOS Expand 80T with two expansion microphones for medium and large meeting rooms is Certified for Microsoft Teams. This follows the earlier certification of their speaker phone, the standalone EXPAND 80T, which covers meetings with up to 7 in-room participants. This new certification covers the addition of expansion microphones – the EXPAND 80 Mic - which adds coverage up to 11 with one expansion microphone or 18 with two, in-room participants.

The EPOS EXPAND 80 speakerphone system is designed to enable and enhance collaborative work across the world. Six adaptive, beamforming microphones in the speakerphone and four in each expansion microphone, together with DSP, intelligently isolates the human voice from room reverb and ambient noise. EXPAND 80T ensures that every participant in the room will be clearly heard, while remote colleagues will be closer to the conversation. With its powerful ultra-low distortion speaker in a unique patent pending suspended speaker box, EXPAND 80T fills the room with outstanding lifelike, natural sound. Its superior duplex performance allows simultaneous speech and thus a natural conversation between remote participants.

For the professional that prefers to bring their laptop to the conference table, the EXPAND 80T features a dedicated Teams button, that launches the Teams app instantly to ensure intuitive and streamlined experiences such as “one-touch meeting join” from the device. When combining the EXPAND 80T with a Microsoft Teams Room, this speakerphone system supports the ultimate workplace experience.

”This new Microsoft Teams certification reiterates our dedication to providing professionals with everything they need to maximize productivity and performance,” said Theis Moerk, Vice President of Product Management at EPOS. “The integration of Teams is an intrinsic part of this process and provides our users with a simple, effective tool for remote communication and collaboration.”

Albert Kooiman, Senior Director of Microsoft Teams Devices Partner Engineering and Certification at Microsoft Corp., “With the EXPAND 80, EPOS is now offering a certified speakerphone solution for small to large meeting rooms. With Certified for Microsoft Teams devices like the EXPAND 80, customers have trusted solutions that deliver a high-quality experience for Teams meetings and calls, both for rooms where people bring their own device and as part of a Microsoft Teams Room.”

The EXPAND 80 series speakerphone and expansion microphones are designed to meet the needs of the modern workforce and unleash the potential of remote collaboration. Stylish and functional, the devices fit into any modern, professional working environment and extend the EPOS range of superior audio solutions for today’s meeting rooms.