EPOS Launches New IMPACT 1000 Bluetooth Headset Series

EPOS, the global audio brand, today announces that the IMPACT 1000, an on-ear, future-proof Bluetooth® headset, is available for purchase. Designed for professionals who value clear communication, the IMPACT 1000 ensures all meeting participants can stay focused - even in noisy environments.

Audio solutions built on EPOS BrainAdaptTM technologies boost employee efficiency by up to 40%

Copenhagen, Denmark – June 01, 2023 – Today, professionals can often work from anywhere, at any time. This ‘New Open Office’ dynamic brings with it multiple distractions and ambient noises – making it challenging for employees to stay engaged and perform to the best of their abilities. Using pioneering technologies and user-friendly features, the award-winning IMPACT 1000 is the first headset of its kind designed to address the critical, everyday challenges posed by this new modern work environment.

EPOS develops audio and video solutions that are backed by science. Building on decades of leading psychoacoustic research, the company’s latest scientific research study sought to evaluate the potential benefits of noise attenuation, or noise reduction, in audio devices, while people performed a dual task consisting of understanding speech while reacting to a visual task. The results of the study indicate that noise attenuation, such as the hybrid adaptive ANC in IMPACT 1000 headsets, provides several benefits for participants when performing a dual task is required, including 67% less listening effort and 48% better recognition of speech in a noisy environment. By minimizing the brain effort spent on listening and understanding the elements of a conversation the IMPACT 1000 optimizes user efficiency by up to 40%, unlocking new levels of productivity and performance. Leveraging insights such as these, EPOS develops machine learning technologies such as those in the IMPACT 1000 to help end-users’ brains better process and understand audio stimuli.

Powered by EPOS’ BrainAdapt™ Technology and Backed by Psychoacoustic Research

Workers everywhere often find themselves multitasking without even realizing it. However, juggling multiple tasks can be difficult, and sometimes professionals will need to prioritize one task over another to maintain a level of performance. Human cognitive capacity is inherently limited, and when we prioritize one task, it reduces the resources available for others. For instance, when we underestimate the additional cognitive resource required for understanding speech in a challenging audio environment, we also underestimate the impact on the brain to carry out other tasks effectively.

As part of its ongoing mission to enable seamless communication for today’s enterprise professionals EPOS has built on its BrainAdapt™ technology offering to address these issues. EPOS develops solutions that support the brain’s natural way of processing sound and enhances the cognitive performance of professionals everywhere. Leveraging powerful, world-leading technologies, the hybrid adaptive ANC in IMPACT 1000 enhances a user’s ability to perform when conducting Dual Tasks, wherever they are.

  • Powered by EPOS’ BrainAdapt™ technology – BrainAdapt™ is a group of pioneering technologies that work together to improve cognitive performance. IMPACT 1000 features EPOS BrainAdapt™ technology to reduce brain fatigue with hybrid adaptive Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) and industry-leading voice pickup powered by EPOS AI™.
  • Uses EPOS AI™ to adapt to environments – Machine learning technology scans user environments 32,000 times per second to suppress disruptive sounds and enhances desirable audio to ensure only the relevant sounds are filtered through to the person the user is talking to.
  • Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) – Featuring hybrid adaptive ANC, the IMPACT 1000 ensures unwanted background sounds are blocked out to enable undisturbed conversation and reduced brain fatigue.

Recognized for its Design Excellence

Designed for comfort, the IMPACT 1000 offers users all-day wearing comfort with a lightweight design, soft cushions, headband padding, and Super Wideband for natural sound. Users can enjoy total ease of use with a contactless charging stand, intuitive on-headset controls, and a suite of smart features.

Additionally, triple Bluetooth connectivity lets users stay connected to three devices at the same time to enable movement while on a call. Talk Through features allow users to communicate with colleagues without removing the headset while the 360 busy light signals when users are on a call.

Recognizing its intuitive, innovative, and customer-led design the IMPACT 1000 was awarded iF Design Award Gold as well as a Red Dot Design Award. These prestigious and globally renowned accolades are awarded to products of the highest calibre and represent outstanding examples of design excellence and innovation.

Theis Mørk, VP Product Management at EPOS says: “As the complexities of the modern work-scape continue to evolve so too must the solutions that we use to ensure productivity and communication. Backed by world-leading psychoacoustic data, the IMPACT 1000 is a trailblazing innovation for professionals and businesses operating in the New Open Office environment. Communication is at the core of business success and it's integral that leaders think intentionally about how they are optimizing the potential of technology solutions to empower their employees. Doing so will help improve productivity, accuracy, and efficiency.”

IMPACT 1000 is certified for Microsoft Teams and meets the Open Office requirements. Click here for further information about the IMPACT 1000.