Strategic Alliance Partners

In order to enable state-of-the art audio and excellent usability experience for customers, EPOS partners with recognized and global Unified Communications providers and contact center vendors. We obtain certifications and develop long-term relationships with our strategic partners, and together we deliver unprecedented end-to-end solutions that simply work.

Softphone Compatibility Guide

EPOS works with strategic alliance partners to ensure that our headsets and speakerphones are easy to deploy and are fully compatible with all major Unified Communications and collaboration as well as contact center platforms and desk phones. Download the Compatibility guide here.


Plug-and-play customer experience

It just works!

Easy to use

We have developed a dedicated Teams button and led indication for Teams certified products

Collaboration made easy

By enabling our Strategic Alliance partner products, our customers can work in any space e.g. office, meeting room, from home and on the go.

EPOS global reach and support

Available in English, French, German, Chinese and Japanese

Free cloud hosting data and EPOS Manager

Audio device management software (previously HeadSetup Pro)

Strategic Partners Community

Our extensive Strategic Partners Community with over 60 partners ensures that EPOS products work with almost any UCC/CC softphone/desk phone in the market.

Compatibility Guide

EPOS Headset Compatibility is a tool to help you find EPOS solutions (headsets and/or connectors) that work with your device(s).

Compatibility guide