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EPOS headsets deliver crystal-clear sound and superior noise-cancellation, allowing for uninterrupted communication and enhanced productivity. With a variety of wired, wireless and DECT solutions, our headsets cater to all business needs. From noisy open offices to important calls on-the-go, EPOS has got you covered.

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Experience Seamless Meetings with Our Headsets: Certified for Microsoft Teams and Zoom. Designed for superior meeting quality, ensuring every participant, whether in the room or remote, enjoys a hassle-free, high-fidelity audio experience.

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Introducing IMPACT 1000

Made for the Open Office environment

Revolutionizing Open Office Communication

Engineered for the Modern Open Office. Leveraging EPOS BrainAdapt™ technology, it minimizes brain fatigue with advanced adaptive ANC. Enhanced with EPOS AI™ for unparalleled voice clarity, ensuring your message is always heard clearly.


IMPACT 1000 Webinar

"Unleashing Performance: Aston Martin F1®'s Winning Strategy with IMPACT 1000." Discover how the team tackles the noisy, high-pressure F1 environment with EPOS audio solutions.

Featuring Aston Martin F1® team’s Brian Johnston and EPOS's Jesper Kock, delve into their insights on setting up IT environments and solving challenges with audio communication.

AMF1 Webinar

Complete Your Setup With a Teams & Zoom Certified Webcam

EXPAND Vision 1

EXPAND Vision 1

Video Conferencing – Personal Webcam

  • Ultra-high-definition video
  • Exceptional voice pickup
  • Instant picture control

EPOS BrainAdapt™ - Listen with your brain

Having long working days wearing a headset for a lot of the time can cause fatigue, EPOS as part of Demant has done research in this and created EPOS BrainAdapt™ to help your brain when working.

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