How to Choose the Best Office Headset

What you’ll consider the best office headset ultimately depends on your exact requirements. That’s because workplaces are very different when it comes to how often headsets are used, how noisy they are, the amount of hybrid work, and many other factors.

EPOS offers a broad range of professional-grade headsets for office use. To choose the right one for your needs, you’ll want to think about the following.

Updated 1/2/24

Call quality

Perhaps the most important factor is the sound quality. After all, you’ll be using your office headset for important work-related conversations, so you can’t compromise on the audio.

The best office headsets will offer superb call clarity and stereo sound. Some EPOS headsets—like the ADAPT 600—are even powered by advanced machine learning algorithms like EPOS AITM, which enables them to adapt to different sound environments and automatically deliver the most optimal performance.


Office headsets are often worn for prolonged periods, so it’s crucial to make sure they’re comfortable for the user. That’s why it’s a good idea to look for lightweight headsets that are especially designed to cause minimal strain on the ear.

For instance, office headsets like IMPACT 700 come with thick, soft, on-ear leatherette ear pads to guarantee all-day comfort.

Wired or wireless?

While some employees prefer to take calls at their desks, it’s become increasingly common for office workers to move about with their headset as they work. This allows them to consult with a colleague on the other side of the office or grab an important document—all without having to hang up.

For maximum flexibility, it makes sense to invest in a Bluetooth® headset that allows you to wirelessly connect and switch seamlessly between two devices on the fly.


Offices use different types of hardware and software solutions. This makes it critical to find professional office headsets that work out of the box with your existing setup. This reduces any unforeseen issues and makes it far easier for IT admins to manage the organization’s devices at scale.

EPOS office headsets are designed for plug-and-play compatibility with the most popular UC platforms used by businesses. Most of them are also certified for Microsoft Teams to ensure truly seamless performance.

Level of noise cancellation

Depending on how noisy the office is, you may also need to consider the level of noise cancellation your headset should provide. Remember: This goes for both sides of the call.

Top-of-the-line office headsets like the IMPACT 1000 provide effective active noise cancellation for the wearer while also boasting three advanced microphones to maximize voice pickup and help the other party hear everything clearly.

Ease of use

In a busy workplace, headsets should not be a source of friction. The best office headsets will therefore be intuitive and easy to use, allowing workers to focus on the job at hand instead of figuring out how their headset functions.

EPOS range professional office headsets are specifically designed to be easy to use, with intuitive controls like a dedicated Teams button that allows people to jump into Microsoft Teams meetings with a single press.