Ensure excellent customer experiences with a line of premium audio tools for optimal comfort, easy call handling and rich, natural sound. Reliable, intelligent technologies filter out unwanted noise, enhance audio and boost your efficiency

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The difference is crystal clear

Great sound goes both ways. The IMPACT Line is designed to provide a level of audio quality that's unmatched in the industry, both for your team and your customers. With exceptional microphone clarity, speech enhancing and noise-filtering technology, your communication will always be crystal clear, even in busy offices.

Contact Center

The IMPACT contact center headsets are designed to deliver an excellent customer experience with EPOS innovations that filter out unwanted noise, clarify speech, and deliver an enhanced audio experience for both speaker and listener combined with all-day wearing comfort.

Office professionals

Count on clear sound – even in the busiest work environment. All-day comfort and freedom. Sleek design and durable quality. Plus user-focused features like the patented ActiveGard®, which protects you from the potential danger of acoustic shocks.

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  • IMPACT 1000

    In an open office, your brain works overtime. IMPACT 1000 ensures both sides of the call stay focused for an impactful dialogue with no brain fatigue.

  • IMPACT 800

    The next generation headset for desk workers in the New Open Office. Increase efficiency by 40% by improving reaction time whilst multi-tasking to maintain accuracy with EPOS BrainAdapt™, industry-leading voice pickup by EPOS AI™ and adaptive ANC.

  • IMPACT 700

    Ensure customer satisfaction on every call with a headset that delivers rich, natural sound no matter the level of background noise. Three digital microphones built on EPOS BrainAdapt™ provide industry-leading voice pickup to let your agents be heard.

  • IMPACT 5000

    Experience the impact of a wireless DECT communication hub that delivers rich, natural sound and total flexibility to busy, modern workplaces.

  • IMPACT 600

    Benefit from outstanding audio in busy office spaces with the premium wired IMPACT 600 Series. When nothing but outstanding customer experiences will do.

  • IMPACT 200

    Maintain energy and focus with clear communication between you and your listener and enjoy robust, wired headsets with all-day comfort

  • IMPACT 100

    Enjoy more natural-sounding conversations and great quality audio with headsets designed for enterprises introducing Unified Communications.


    With premium audio performance and powerful wireless reach, your journey towards wireless freedom starts here. Keep desks tidy with a streamlined design ideal for hotdesking when agents need plug and play functionality at every workstation.


    When work means talk, choose a wireless DECT solution that drives excellent customer experiences with premium quality audio and all-day user comfort.


When talk matters

Whatever your line of business, clear and seamless communication is essential for your success.

Based on decades of EPOS’ industry leadership, the IMPACT product line is designed and crafted with superior materials that are ergonomically comfortable to wear, ensure perfect two-way speech intelligibility, and are fully compatible with all your devices and systems.

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