PC 8.2 USB - Firmware update

Follow these steps to update the firmware of your PC 8.2 USB headset:

1) Download our freeware program EPOS CONNECT on a Windows based PC and follow the installation instructions.

2) After you successfully installed the program, you will then need to connect your PC 8.2 USB to your computer and run EPOS CONNECT.

3) Once you open the program, PC 8.2 will be automatically recognized and you will be able to see the current firmware version on your device in the Update Overview tab.

4) Click on "Update Overview" and select "Check for Updates", EPOS CONNECT will now retrieve the latest firmware versions available. Ensure that you have an active connection to the internet, and that no firewall is blocking the internet connection to our servers.

5) If a new version of the firmware is available, the "download" icon will appear in the "Status" column next to the name of the handset. Click on it and wait for the application to finish installing.

6) Once completing the update of your headset, please disconnect PC 8.2 USB and connect it again to confirm that the latest firmware was successfully installed.