H3PRO Hybrid -Smart button functions

The smart button has multiple functions. First and foremost, it can be used to pair your H3PRO Hybrid to your mobile device. ​

Pairing: ​

  1. Hold the smart button for 3 seconds. The LED will pulse red and blue. ​
  2. Start the search for Bluetooth® devices – see the instruction manual of your device – and select “EPOS H3PRO Hybrid” (For more information on pairing, please see either the Quick Guide which can be found in the packaging box or downloaded from our website or the user manual available on our website). ​

​The smart button can also be used to take incoming calls by pressing once. If the H3PRO Hybrid is connected to your phone with Bluetooth® while you are playing on either PC or console, the headset will let you know when you receive a call. Depending on your specific phone model, you will either hear a standard ringing tone or you will hear a door-knock sound indicating an incoming call. By pressing the smart button twice, you can reject the call. ​

​If you have downloaded the EPOS Gaming Suite to your PC, you can customize the smart button there, and then use it while gaming, e.g. by enabling/disabling surround sound with one press. ​