H3PRO Hybrid - Battery life and battery status check

The H3PRO Hybrid has 30 hours of battery life when connected via dongle and up to 38 hours of battery life when connected through Bluetooth®. If you activate ANC, the headset will need more power, and you will instead have 19 hours via the dongle and 22 hours with Bluetooth®. ​

​Dual connectivity (dongle and Bluetooth®) offers up to 28 hours of battery life and up to 19 hours with ANC turned on, up to 27 hours with the 3.5 mm jack cable and Bluetooth® and 19 hours with ANC turned on. ​​The battery status is given every time the headset turns on and/or when the USB cable is plugged in. In this way, you always know whether it is time to charge the headset.

The headset automatically charges when it is plugged in via USB. The LED will also show the battery status when you are charging the headset. ​

​Please note that the battery of the H3PRO Hybrid is not replaceable.