Wireless range up to 55 meters/180 feet in typical office buildings and up to 180 meters/590 feet in line of sight.

Mobility, comfort and communication are major advantages of DECT solutions that lead to improved staff efficiency and productivity.

Global standard for secure residential and business cordless phone communications.


At your desk or around the office, manage calls directly from your headset and switch effortlessly between your devices.

DECT is a wireless technology giving professionals the freedom to move around while on calls while delivering strong signal quality and range, making it a dependable option for environments with numerous electronic devices with less vulnerability to interference from other wireless devices.

All DECT Headsets*

*Some variants are only available on certain markets due to different frequencies

What is DECT?

Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications (DECT™) is the ETSI (European Telecommunications Standards Institute) standard for short-range cordless
communications, which can be adapted for many applications, including voice, data and networking applications and can be used over unlicensed frequency allocations worldwide.

DECT technology has become a popular standard for wireless voice communication. DECT devices are not likely to be affected by other electronic devices and signals because they operate in a separate frequency band.

This whitepaper provides all necessary information about DECT

Read the DECT White Paper

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