H6PRO Xbox editionWired Open Acoustic Gaming Headset

Unlock next-level immersive experiences with the H6PRO Xbox edition headset. Its open acoustic construction will keep your head cool in the heat of battle, with a wide and natural soundstage that sends performance-boosting cues straight to your ears. A magnetically detachable microphone is perfectly positioned for optimal voice pickup, with a lift-to-mute feature that finally makes it seamless to go off the air! As you game for hours on end, stay comfortable with a lightweight build, padded headband, ventilated ear pads, and 2-axis hinged ear cups.

Device compatibility

Xbox Series X
Nintendo Switch
PC / Soft phone
Mobile phone
Xbox One

Key features

  • Lifelike Audio, Designed For Xbox
  • Unmatched Clarity: Lift-To-Mute Detachable Mic
  • Expertly Designed For Pressure-Free Wear
  • EPOS BrainAdapt™ Technology
Article number 1001266

Lifelike Audio, ​Designed For Xbox​

This headset’s proprietarily tuned drivers and open acoustic design deliver realistic, hyper-detailed sound that pulls you deep into the game. Experience hi-fi audio for Xbox like never before. ​

Key Features

The Power of Audio™,​ Designed for Xbox​

Engineered for gamers, approved by an industry leader: The EPOS H3 and H6PRO Open headsets are proudly Designed for Xbox. Our in-house engineers have worked passionately to obtain the ideal mix of comfort, quality, and value, so that you can experience the ideal audio for your Xbox gaming.​

What's In The Box

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