Experience the EPOS Gaming Suite

The EPOS Gaming Suite is the software companion that unlocks the Power of Audio™ within your EPOS digital audio hardware

Software and Hardware Harmony

EPOS Gaming Suite is a distinctive software product which seamlessly integrates into ahighly efficient audio chain, offering gamers a wide range of valuable playback and recording adjustments and enhancements intuitively tailored to the specific EPOS equipment connected.

Side Tone – Hear Yourself

EPOS Gaming Suite offers a fully adjustable side tone – a facility which mixes in the input from the microphone to the signal sent to your headset speakers.

For All Listening Preferences

The Esports profile favors the treble range and reduces the bass that can mask directional cues, while the Music and Movies profiles have carefully customized frequency responses that emphasize the bass and treble registers

Focus On The Sound

The EPOS Gaming Suite is focused and effective, delivering gamers the control and features they need to enhance their personal enjoyment of gaming audio. No distractions - nothing but the Power of Audio™.

Testing Times

EPOS Gaming Suite features an automatic microphone loopback test function that records gamers speaking and allows them to listen to the playback and tweak to taste – adjusting EQ, gain, noise gate, and noise cancellation settings until they are happy with the result.

Simple Hardware Customization

Within the EPOS Gaming Suite, all our digital audio device hardware is easy to configure. Set up Smart Button behaviors on a soundcard or select the sleep functionality for a wireless headset; receive firmware update notifications and download and install right there from within the Suite.

Compatible Products