Meet Bettina Ridler



Bettina Ridler


Concept Manager


MSc, Industrial Design


Front-End Innovation

What I Do

As a Concept Manager, I am part of the EPOS Front-End Innovation team. Front-End Innovation is the starting point for new products where opportunities are identified, and ideas are conceptualized in the context of business, technology and user. In short, my key responsibility is to scope meaningful and relevant solutions, that are proven desirable to our customers, viable to the EPOS business and feasible within the company capabilities.

What Drives Me

No days are alike. EPOS is not a small company anymore, but we still have that positive start-up mentality, being willing and capable to make fast changes and priorities to adapt to the ever-changing world. To me, it’s important that decisions don’t drown in red tape, and I feel empowered to impact the company direction.

What Makes EPOS a Great Workplace

EPOS gets it! Few technology companies understand the value of human-centered design. EPOS does. It’s not about what we can make, it’s about why we should make it. Everything in the company starts with a user need. EPOS also understands that to deliver innovative state-of-the-art solutions, we need to be at the forefront of innovation processes and methodologies. We set high ambitions and are willing to experiment. Sometimes we fail and that’s OK, we always come out wiser. And I love that attitude.

Fun Fact

Being an Engineer, I like facts and logic. So, it might come as a surprise to most that I am super superstitious. To enter the second floor at EPOS headquarters, you have to walk under a ladder. I will not reveal here what I do to avoid the bad luck that comes from walking under a ladder – I will only say that it works!

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