Meet Kristian Lægdsgaard


Kristian Lægdsgaard

Lead Mechanical Engineer

BSc Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical and Process Engineering

What I Do

I design solutions in a cross-functional work environment, and currently I am focusing on true-wireless-in-ear devices and the development of our new AI software for computer based fit analysis of in-ear-devises. I enjoy the challenges of high complexity projects, working in uncharted territories and pushing the boundaries of engineering capabilities to improve the technology for our products.

What Drives Me

Making better solutions for my colleagues, and developing new products that I can relate to and be proud of. It is exciting to explore new territory and to learn from it.

What Makes EPOS a Great Workplace

That we are small enough to have a very dynamic and cross-functional work environment, but big enough to afford to invest in good solutions. We have a very down to earth communication, and just the right level of oversight, so tasks do not get bogged down in bureaucratic procedures. I also enjoy the great work-life balance, the fun I have with my colleagues and the ability to work remotely.

Fun Fact

I am lucky enough to have had many travel adventures in the past. From spending 3 months in Columbia´s coffee region learning about coffee production to trekking across the inland ice in Greenland with a broken leg. Now, I love to work with wood, play with my kids, and finally got my own tractor!

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