The way we go to work has changed

We’ve opened the door to the hybrid workplace, where people constantly switch between working at the office and from home. Still, research shows that people prefer face-to-face meetings and find hybrid meetings to be less engaging. This places even greater expectations towards the kind of meeting room equipment we use.

Since hybrid work is here to stay, we must find solutions that improve collaboration and let everyone participate on equal terms, regardless of where they’re physically located. That’s why EPOS, in collaboration with Microsoft, seeks to let every voice be heard by leveling the playing field with a first-of-its-kind intelligent speaker, the EXPAND Capture 5.

With advanced voice recognition technology from Microsoft, the EXPAND Capture 5 identifies each in-room participant by their voice and transcribes each person’s speech in real time. With the rise in the number of virtual meetings, keeping track of who said what while simultaneously taking notes is a real challenge. But this innovative speaker does all of this for you, letting you direct your attention towards what really matters: the conversation with your colleagues. Thanks to this live transcription, everyone can follow the flow of the meeting, even if they’re joining 5 minutes late.

Empower your meeting participants with this intelligent speaker that works with any Microsoft Teams Rooms setup. Future-proof your hybrid workplace, unite your colleagues, and take your virtual meetings to the next level.

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