The Advantages of ADAPT Presence Series

The way we work is changing rapidly. Today, work has become an activity instead of a place and the current trend towards total mobility 24/7 is having a profound effect on the way we communicate.

First and foremost, technology has been the catalyst for this increased level of flexibility and mobility. The new, accessible mobile technologies have pushed the limits of our expectations and what began with consumer electronics is now quickly turning into a major breakthrough for mobile corporate communication.

An employee wants to be able to work in the office, at home, on the move or at a meeting with a client. In other words, companies who want to attract the innovative and mobile workforce of tomorrow have to change today.

The Modern Office

In the modern office, employees tend to move around the workplace a lot more freely. Conferences, collaborative groups, flexible seating and working from home require a new level of mobility. Technology has not only changed the behaviour and the expectations of the workforce; it is also changing the workplace.

Hear and be heard with Presence

Imagine a product that addresses all the challenges of modern, mobile communication in today’s corporate environment. Imagine a product that works seamlessly across communication platforms at the office, at home, at the client or on the road. Now, add superior sound quality and ease-of-use to the mix.

ADAPT Presence Grey