The Best Headsets for Working From Home

With the growing post-pandemic trend of remote and hybrid work, high-quality headsets have become indispensable tools for professionals working from a home office.

The right headset should make conversations with colleagues and customers effortless while helping you focus on the job at hand.

Here’s how to find the best headset for working from home.

What to look for in a work-from-home headset?

While numerous factors make up a truly great professional headset, the following are especially important to consider for your home office.

1. Professional-quality audio

When working from home, being able to have clear conversations is critical. So perhaps the highest priority is a headset that lets you hear and be heard clearly, no matter if you’re in an online conference or on a call with customers.

Look for a headset with a microphone that can pick up your voice perfectly while also letting you hear the other side of the call. The safest choice is a dedicated professional headset made specifically for business users. These headsets deliver professional-level call and audio quality and are optimized for home office purposes.

2. UC compatibility

Your company likely has a specific suite of software tools that all employees use. Make sure your headset is certified for and compatible with your UC platforms.

Not only does this ensure a plug-and-play experience but it’s a trusted stamp of approval, guaranteeing that your headset will deliver the best performance.

3. Type of connection

This largely depends on your individual habits and needs. Some home workers use their headsets primarily while sitting at their computer while others are more mobile and need a flexible solution.

Luckily, work-from-home headsets come in both wired and wireless Bluetooth® versions, so you can choose a headset that works best based on your working style.

4. Noise cancellation

Home offices generally tend to be calmer environments than busy workplaces, so this isn’t always a priority. However, if you share a home office or live on a busy street, being able to block out distractions is important.

In that case, invest in a headset that:

  • Has noise-canceling microphones, blocking out surrounding noise while picking-up only your voice, so you come across clearly while in calls.
  • Uses passive noise damping and / or active noise cancellation to block out unwanted noise and help you focus.

The best headsets for working from home by EPOS

EPOS carries a range of wired and wireless headsets engineered for different purposes. The following five are EPOS' best headsets for working from. Discover which one is best for you.

  • ADAPT 600

    Work wherever, whenever

    The ADAPT 600 series is built to deliver ultimate call quality and sound. It is powered by EPOS AI™ for crystal-clear calls and comes with adaptive ANC and superior stereo sound. Its three advanced microphones combined with machine learning algorithms deliver an enhanced listening experience.

    This wireless Bluetooth® headset is certified for Microsoft Teams and works with popular UC platforms. Personalized audio profiles let you enjoy high-quality music to help you focus and get in the zone.

    Recommended for: Home workers looking for an all-in-one, over-ear headset with truly unmatched audio and call quality.

    Learn more about ADAPT 600
  • IMPACT 1000

    For the New Open Office

    IMPACT 1000 is designed for the New Open Office enviroment. Built on EPOS BrainAdapt™ technology to reduce brain fatigue with adaptive ANC and industry-leading voice pickup powered by EPOS AI™.

    IMPACT 1000 is designed for the New Open Office environment. Built on EPOS BrainAdapt™ technology to reduce brain fatigue with adaptive ANC and industry-leading voice pickup powered by EPOS AI™, making sure you're getting your message through.

    Recommended for: The flexible worker with a need for connection to multiple devices.

    Explore the IMPACT 1000
  • ADAPT 500

    Stay agile, achieve more

    The ADAPT 500 series puts comfort in focus with a low-impact headband and soft earpads. Combined with ANC, the on-ear earpads deliver great sound isolation, helping workers stay focused in noisy environments.

    The headset has wireless connectivity via Bluetooth® and can connect to two devices at the same time. A discreet boom arm is combined with two advanced microphones to optimize voice pickup. When not in use, the boom arm tucks neatly away into the earcup

    Recommended for: Home workers who need a truly comfortable headset that can block out distractions without sacrificing call quality.

    Learn more about ADAPT 500
  • ADAPT 300

    Work your way in style

    The ADAPT 300 series is an over-ear, Bluetooth® headset that’s perfect if your home is a noisy place. It comes with ANC to reduce background noise and help you focus on work. The headset is certified for Microsoft Teams and optimized for most UC platforms, ensuring a seamless experience no matter your preferred work software.

    The ADAPT 300 has a stylish, contemporary look with soft ergonomic earpads made for comfortable wear. It can be used for up to 46 hours between charges.

    Recommended for: Home workers who need to reduce distractions and concentrate

    Learn more about ADAPT 300
  • ADAPT 200

    Access peak performance anywhere

    The ADAPT 200 is best for those working in quieter environments and looking for wireless connectivity. It allows you to stay connected to two devices at the same time and switch seamlessly between them. It’s lightweight and portable, letting workers move around freely and change work locations as necessary.

    The ADAPT 200 is built for all-day comfort thanks to the lightweight design and soft leatherette ear pads, which also deliver passive noise damping to help you focus.

    Recommended for: Home workers who need to move around and switch between devices

    Learn more about ADAPT 200