Optimize your Conferences with Microphone Array Beamforming

EPOS, the leader in high-end audio processing, microphones, and speakers, pushes the envelope of speakerphone design with the EXPAND 80 Series. This speakerphone and microphone extension system enables conferences that connect you to your colleagues in the remote workplace, with a rich, natural conversation experience.

Capturing and Delivering Intelligible Speech

Poor sound reproduction is frustrating for the listener trying to understand a distorted message and for the speaker repeating themselves in an attempt to be understood. Misunderstandings because of poor sound reproduction can affect wellbeing and cause costly mistakes. In today’s world of remote workplaces, open offices and global collaboration, clear and intelligible communication is more important than ever before.

To unleash the potential of remote collaboration, EPOS is pleased to introduce its speakerphone products with Microphone Array Beamforming technology that optimize your conferences by delivering the clearest communication possible for all participants.

This white paper explains the science behind sound formation, speech pickup by microphones, signal delivery, and how the technology of Microphone Array Beamforming can optimize this process. It describes how the technology is able to direct an array of omni-directional microphones at various speakers in a room to capture their speech and with the use of algorithmic signal processing, deliver that speech with superb clarity and crystal-clear intelligibility by synching signal delays and removing both ambient noise and room reverberation.

For the listener, this means that the intended message gets through loud and clear, which can only boost understanding and enable the productive collaborations that improve business.

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