Bluetooth® Security

For EPOS, comfort, quality and security are high priority areas. This paper addresses the security of Bluetooth® technology and the supplementary security that EPOS’ Contact Center and Office (CC&O) headsets provide.

Bluetooth® is a wireless technology standard for exchanging voice and data over short distances between Bluetooth® enabled devices. Ericsson introduced Bluetooth® to the market in 1994 to overcome the challenges of connecting devices with different types of technology and communication protocols.

Since its introduction, the Bluetooth® Special Interest Group has collected more than 20,000 member companies and the Bluetooth standard has become a widespread and popular method of connecting devices. More than 2 billion units are able to use Bluetooth® technology, which has consequentially raised concerns about security issues.

Before getting into details about Bluetooth security, it should be mentioned that overall, the risk of unauthorized access to communication via Bluetooth® is limited. In general, Bluetooth® offers a very high level of security, which EPOS has chosen to enhance further through the intelligent use of innovative solutions.