Audio Technology for the Hybrid Professional

It's the smart investment for future-facing businesses. With insights from the Understanding Sound Experiences Report 2021, by IPSOS and EPOS.

Today, many business leaders are embracing a permanent shift to the hybrid work model. But to make the transition truly successful in the mid to long-term we need to learn from experience to date. Audio technology has played a major part in the remote working experience, alongside of course video conferencing. In this report, we dive into four key findings about the hybrid working model, taken from the EPOS and IPSOS Understanding Sound Experiences 2021 report.

The following factors should be considered for a successful hybrid working model:

  1. Business leaders must listen to employees on hybrid strategy
  2. Successful hybrid working requires investment in the right areas
  3. On-the-go working is set to return
  4. Virtual meetings will change, not disappear

This report, stemming from research by Ipsos and EPOS in early 2021, provides data-driven insights into the hybrid working model and the evolving expectations from both employees and decision makers.

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