Could Your Business Benefit from DECT Technology?

DECT technology is now a popular standard for wireless voice communication due to the superior call clarity and mobility it offers modern professionals. As DECT devices use their own frequency band, they can be used alongside Bluetooth® devices and Wi-Fi without interference. Updating your communication systems to the DECT standard can therefore have significant advantages in today’s workplace. But there are various considerations you must investigate before moving forward with your decision.

5 facts about DECT

  • DECT stands for Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications
  • DECT is the European standard for short-range cordless communications
  • DECT can be adapted for voice, data or networking and used over unlicensed frequency allocations worldwide
  • DECT’s most common radio spectrum allocation in Europe is 1880 MHz to 1900 MHz
  • DECT’s most common radio spectrum allocation in the US is 1920 MHz to 1930 MHz


What are the main benefits of DECT?

Staying mobile

DECT devices are wireless, enabling modern professionals to be mobile around the office so they can think more easily, collaborate and stay active.

Comfort and communication

Enhanced call clarity enables easier communication and improved staff wellbeing which can only benefit staff efficiency and productivity in the workplace.

DECT solutions don’t interfere with 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi

Whereas Bluetooth® solutions do. So, with DECT it’s possible to have more users in the same open office area.


DECT density & roaming range

Device density

When you’re planning to deploy wireless DECT headsets in your open office, you have to think about the density of headsets being used in a specific area. DECT headsets in close proximity share the same radio spectrum, meaning there is a limit to the number of devices that can be used at once in the same area. When this limit is exceeded, it can result in interference.

Roaming range effects device density

Headsets use more transmission power the further away they are from their base units, leaving less radio spectrum for other devices. This means that the roaming range influences the number of simultaneous users. When roaming range decreases, DECT device density increases and vice versa.


Key considerations for DECT deployment

All DECT systems have a fixed number of channels available for DECT devices. The number of channels is not equivalent to the number of units you can deploy in your business. Various factors influence the number of DECT devices you can deploy. The most important factors are:

  • Office working styles

The more that workers stay at their desks, the more devices can be used simultaneously. The more workers roam, the less devices can be used simultaneously in the same area.

  • Simultaneous users

The number of simultaneous users plays a large role in determining the number of DECT units in one location. This is a vital consideration for call centers where staff are always on calls simultaneously.

  • Office layout and location

Offices, their layout and the building materials used to make them, affect the range of DECT units. DECT density can also be influenced by the same technology being utilized in the vicinity.

  • Products deployed

DECT is an industry standard that all DECT products must comply with. However, the brand you choose has an impact on the maximum number of units deployed and their wireless range.

IMPACT DECT wireless headsets

IMPACT D Series, IMPACT SD/DW Series, IMPACT 5000 Series

IMPACT DECT wireless headsets are tailored to the needs of today’s communication professionals. With a focus on comfort and well-being, the IMPACT D, SD/DW and IMPACT 5000 Series are specifically designed for all-day users – where wireless solutions are preferable and help you become more productive. The wireless range for EPOS DECT headsets is up to 55 meters/180 feet in typical office buildings and up to 180 meters/590 feet in line of sight. You can read more about IMPACT DECT headsets in the links below.

Product series


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  • IMPACT 5000

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