Using your DECT headset for media playback (auto audio)

When your DECT base station is connected via USB you can also use the headset for media playback. The auto audio function determines how your headset behaves when doing so.

Ensuring your headset is set to the default audio device

When you connect your EPOS base station to your PC, your computer will normally define the headset as your 'default communications device'. This means that your computer recognizes it as a communications tool, and communications applications will use this device as your 'speaker' and 'microphone'.

If you wish to use the headset for media playback, you will need to ensure that the headset is also selected as the 'default device', and not just the communications device.

For example, on a Windows PC, go to your sound settings and then right click on the EPOS headset to define the device as default.

What is auto audio?

Auto audio is a setting for our DECT products which was introduced from firmware v.108, and comes activated as default. When enabled, the system will listen for any audio activity on the USB port and when it is detected, it will automatically establish a wireless connection to the headset so the media will be played through it.

If auto audio is deactivated, you will need to manually establish a wireless connection to your base station by pressing the multi function button.

Please note that there may be a two second delay between the system detecting audio activity and the audio being played through the headset.

Using auto audio

Auto audio is engaged by default. If you would like to switch it off, or double check that it is on, press and hold the small reset button on your base station. This button is located on the back of the base station on DW and D 10 units, and on the underside with the SD series.

The LED on the front of the base station will then blink rapidly. The color of the LED indicates the current setting, with blue meaning that auto audio is engaged and red meaning disengaged.

To change between modes, simply press and hold the reset button for another five seconds until the LED flashes the correct color.