Advanced features of ADAPT 460

There are several advanced features of ADAPT 460. They are listed below:

Hybrid ANC:

The high-performing hybrid Active Noise Cancelling solution in the ADAPT 400 Series uses four microphones placed inside and outside each earbud in a dual strategy utilizing both Feedback ANC (mics inside the earbud) as well as a Feedforward ANC (mics outside the earbud). Special attention has been paid to the tuning of the Hybrid ANC system for a natural sound experience with high quality audio
performance and a linear noise attenuation performance from the passive damping by the earbuds combined with the Hybrid ANC.

Adaptive Beamforming Microphones:

The Adaptive Beamforming Microphone system in the ADAPT 400 Series is based on two omnidirectional microphones built into the tip of the right-side neckband. The two microphones creates an audio lens (the beam) which can “zoom” in on the speech and reject ambient noise. The beamforming processor constantly tunes the directionality of the microphone system for optimal speech intelligibility in noisy environments. Furthermore the beamforming microphone system can angle the direction of the beam if the head position is changed and thereby the direction of the speech.