How to adjust the sidetone for ADAPT 360/460/560 headsets

For adjusting the sidetone, please follow the steps below:

  1. Download and install the EPOS Connect software by following this link: EPOS Connect Download
  2. For adjusting the sidetone, the microphone path of the headset must be open. This can be done either by making a call or by manually opening the microphone path.
  3. Open Windows sound settings and navigate to the recording tab as shown below.
  4. Open EPOS Connect and go to the settings screen.
  5. If the headset is paired through the BTD 800 bluetooth dongle, set the BTD 800 as the default headset and save the changes. If the headset is not paired through the BTD 800, set the ADAPT headset as the default headset.6. Click on the settings for the ADAPT headset and adjust the sidetone by increasing or decreasing it using the slider.