EPOS Headsets Meet Microsoft Teams Open Office Requirements

If you use Microsoft Teams in an open office setting, you need a headset that can deliver clear and crisp voice quality while blocking out distracting background noise. That's why Microsoft has developed a set of standards and tests for headset performance in open office scenarios.

Microsoft Teams Certified Headsets

To be certified for Microsoft Teams, a headset must meet the minimum requirements for audio quality, reliability, and compatibility. These headsets are designed to work seamlessly with Microsoft Teams and provide a consistent user experience.

Premium Microphone Headsets

Microsoft Open Office Premium Microphone Headsets

Some headsets go beyond the minimum requirements and achieve a higher level of microphone quality, noise suppression, and voice pickup. These headsets are labeled as "Premium microphone for Open Office" by Microsoft. This means they have passed a rigorous test that measures how well a headset can block out noise from different directions and distances.

With EPOS IMPACT headsets, you can enjoy clear and natural conversations on Microsoft Teams in any open office setting.


Premium Microphone Headsets

EPOS offers a range of high-quality headsets that are certified for Microsoft Teams and meet the specification for open office environments. These include the IMPACT 700, IMPACT 800, IMPACT 1000, and IMPACT 5000 series. These headsets feature adjustable boom arms that can be positioned for optimal voice pickup and noise cancellation. They have been tested in various boom arm positions and angles to ensure they can suppress noise from 60 centimeters away at five different angles.

By adjusting the boom arm, users can position the microphone closer to their mouth or in an ideal location relative to their speaking pattern. This positioning enhances the clarity and quality of their voice transmission. Placing the microphone closer to the mouth helps in capturing the voice more accurately while minimizing ambient noise and interference.

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