EPOS: New wireless ADAPT headsets are now Certified for Microsoft Teams

June 15, 2020: EPOS today announces that its four new ADAPT headsets all have been Certified for Microsoft Teams. Building on the core of the ADAPT product line, the four headsets are designed for professionals who need to collaborate and work from several locations on different devices without ever compromising on style or crystal-clear audio regardless of environment

The portable, wireless ADAPT headsets all feature an advanced state-of-the art Active Noise Cancellation system that eliminates unwanted background noise to boost concentration and productivity in any sound environment – all while delivering a great audio experience for both speaker and listener. The headsets upgrade to further audio performance thanks to UC optimization, as well as multipoint connectivity that enables users to switch easily between devices by pairing two Bluetooth ® devices simultaneously, thus enhancing both flexibility and versality. Finally, the four ADAPT headsets all feature a dedicated Microsoft Teams button on the headset, so users can launch the app instantly to ensure an intuitive and streamlined experience.

Theis Moerk, Vice President of Product Management, Enterprise Solutions, comments: “The integration of Microsoft Teams is a true statement of our commitment to enable the modern professional to boost efficiency, increase collaboration and enable innovation. In an instant, users can launch the app via the dedicated button on the headset – activation has never been easier and ensures that users can focus on the task at hand.”

Ilya Bukshteyn, Partner Director, Microsoft Teams Devices at Microsoft Corp., adds: “We are pleased to see that the new EPOS line-up of premium headsets is now Certified for and integrating with Microsoft Teams. This integration will provide our customers with the best possible audio quality and ability to use Teams meetings and calling quickly and easily, at home, at work, on the go, and everywhere in between.”

The four ADAPT headsets all boast a sleek and sophisticated design crafted in high-quality materials that are made to be highly durable without ever compromising on a premium look and feel. Thanks to their ergonomic design and attention to detail, users can rely on a headset that last comfort even after hours of wearing empowering performance whatever the task.

The new Certified for Microsoft Teams devices include:


ADAPT 660 maximizes focus and productivity anywhere with a sleek, contemporary design and superb call clarity.

ADAPT 660 Product Availability: 22 June 2020

ADAPT 660 MSRP: €399 | $439 | £349


With its unique design, the ADAPT 560 delivers extraordinary voice pick-up, quality, and comfort, while adapting to the user’s environment. Featuring an all new discreet foldable ‘boom arm’, the ADAPT 560 allows users to adapt to specific audio needs and functions instantly - whether folding the arm down to join a conference call on the move or up to concentrate while working. With two additional advanced microphones built into the boom arm itself, the ADAPT 560 is specifically designed to pick up voice-audio and ensures that quality is crystal-clear, no matter the type of call users take.

ADAPT 560 Product Availability: 26 June 2020

ADAPT 560 MSRP: €299 | $329 | £259


Introducing EPOS’ first-ever wireless neckband headset, the ADAPT 400 Series presents a lightweight yet high performance headset that matches the needs of the flexible, modern day workforce – a discreet alternative for busy professionals who do not necessarily want a full over-the-ear headset. Subtle vibrations for incoming calls and other notifications ensure that professionals will never miss a call and can stay on top of their workload, no matter where they are.

ADAPT 460 Product Availability: 29 June 2020

ADAPT 460T Product Availability: 29 June 2020

ADAPT 460 and 460T MSRP: €299 | $329 | £259


Forming an integral part of the product range, the ADAPT 360 is specifically designed for professionals looking for a stylish headset that meets the demands of their busy lifestyle. Available in both black and white, the ADAPT 360 adapts to its wearer, and supports EPOS’ mission in delivering superior audio quality and performance without compromising on a contemporary design.

ADAPT 360 Product Availability: 3 July 2020

ADAPT 360 MSRP: €249 | $269 | £219

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