Experience superior EPOS sound

With super wideband and advanced two microphone noise-cancelling system that meets Teams Open Office specifications

Increase productivity and create focus

With clear busy light, noise dampening ear pads, and easy call management

Ensure enhanced security for all your calls

With Protected Pairing, 128-bit authentication, DECT Security certification and EPOS Manager

Configure Your Desired Product

Raising the DECT headset standard

Boost your performance with superior audio and total flexibility from the IMPACT 5000 Series.

At your desk or around the office, manage calls directly from your headset and switch effortlessly between your devices. Unleash the potential of your talk-centric workforce with a new standard of DECT headsets.

Empower your people with total flexibility

One flexible headset that pairs easily to all devices with extensive wireless range up to 180 m/590 ft

Discover exceptional speech intelligibility

With two-microphone noise-cancelling system and own-voice detection technology

Enjoy high-quality audio and multimedia

With stereo sound that takes DECT headsets to the next level

Benefit from triple-connectivity

Manage all calls from one headset via PC/softphone, desk and mobile phone

Get all-day wearing comfort

With soft leatherette ear pads and a choice of wearing styles for consistent comfort and well-being to increase efficiency

What is DECT?

Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications (DECT™) is the ETSI (European Telecommunications Standards Institute) standard for short-range cordless
communications, which can be adapted for many applications, including voice, data and networking applications and can be used over unlicensed frequency allocations worldwide.

DECT technology has become a popular standard for wireless voice communication. DECT devices are not likely to be affected by other electronic devices and signals because they operate in a separate frequency band.

This whitepaper provides all necessary information about DECT

Read the DECT White Paper

Avoid Misunderstandings

Microphones don’t just transmit sound. They transmit meaning. With a bad mic, meaning often becomes lost in translation. And lost meaning equals lost productivity.

When we say “industry leading voice pick-up,” we mean it. With our state-of-the-art Next IMPACT Generation headsets, you’ll hear the difference.

Read about The Next IMPACT Generation

EPOS Headsets Meet Microsoft Teams Open Office Requirements

EPOS offers a selection of Microsoft Teams certified headsets designed for open office environments, meeting strict standards for microphone quality, noise suppression, and voice pickup. Microsoft's certification ensures these headsets meet essential criteria for audio excellence and seamless compatibility with Teams.

EPOS’ IMPACT 5000T has earned the "Premium Microphone for Open Office" label. This means they have passed a rigorous test that measures how well a headset can handle noise from different directions and distances. The headsets surpass standard requirements, showcasing superior noise suppression and microphone quality, effectively handling various environmental distractions.

Microsoft Teams Open Office Requirements

What's in the box

  • IMPACT 5000 Headset
  • Base Station
  • Cable
  • Dongle
  • Safety Guide
*May vary depending on product variant

EPOS Partners with Leading UC Providers

Certified for Microsoft Teams and Microsoft Teams Open Office

The IMPACT 5000T is a flexible, future-proof Microsoft Teams Certified wireless DECT headset solution that meets the Microsoft Teams Open Office specifications. It delivers a secure, intuitive and smooth Teams experience, with premium audio, powerful wireless reach and a streamlined, clean design.

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New Open Office

The New Open Office is whether you are in a corporate open office with people next to you in hybrid meetings and colleagues chatting across the room, or in your open office space at home with the washing machine buzzing and your dog barking, surrounded by a lot of noise and sound clutter.

With so many distractions employees find it difficult to concentrate and get work done. In turn, this makes people more fatigued and less productive. Both on the A and B side of the call.

Open Office Headsets

Compare the IMPACT Line

Compare the IMPACT Line
Wearing Styles AvailableSingle- and double-sidedSingle- and double-sidedSingle- and double-sidedSingle- and double-sidedSingle- and double-sidedSingle- and double-sidedSingle- and double-sidedSingle- and double-sided
Microphone4 digital MEMSTwo microphone noise-cancellingUltra noise-cancellingUltra noise-cancellingUltra noise-cancellingUltra noise-cancellingNoise-cancellingNoise-cancelling
Bandwidth in call modeSuper WidebandSuper WidebandWidebandNarrowband, widebandNarrowband, widebandWidebandWidebandWideband
Multipoint ConnectivityTriple ConnectivityTriple ConnectivitySingleDualDualWired, Easy Disconnect, USB, 3.5 mm jackWired, Easy Disconnect, USBWired, USB, 3.5 mm jack
Active Noise CancellationYes (Hybrid & adaptive)NoNoNoNoYesNoNo
Wireless RangeUp to 30 m/100 ftUp to 180 m/590 ftUp to 180 m/590 ftUp to 180 m/590 ftUp to 180 m/590 ftN/AN/AN/A
Microsoft Teams CertifiedYesYesNoNoNoYesYesYes
Warranty2 years2 years2 years2 years2 years3 years2 years2 years
Additional add-onsCharging standDECT DongleNeckband & ear hookNeckband & ear hookNeckband & ear hookHearing Aid OptimizedEasy DisconnectIn-line call control unit
Prices (from)€269/$289/£220€365/$375/£319€239/$279/£199€309/$299/£239£319/$385€130/$140/£115€95/$95/£80€40/$50/£35

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EPOS Digital Solutions

Stay in control of all your devices across locations. EPOS Digital Solutions offers different tools to make the management of devices time and cost efficient.

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Wireless Freedom Starts Here

  • Ensure premium audio for clear calls
  • Move freely with powerful wireless reach
  • Ensure tidy desk ideal for hotdesking


Freedom and flexibility

  • Ensure premium audio for excellent call quality
  • Talk all day in comfort
  • Enjoy wireless freedom and dual-connectivity