We Hear With Our Ears, But Listen With Our Brain

Did you know that sounds that the brain can’t recognize are perceived as noise? For professionals working in open offices and hybrid workplaces this can cause listening fatigue and stress as the brain is constantly trying to distinguish between the noise we don’t want to focus on and the important sounds we want to hear.

Proven to Improve Performance

At EPOS we apply world-leading research on how the brain processes sound with the specific aim to improve cognitive performance. Findings from recent scientific studies, conducted by EPOS in collaboration with researchers from Oticon show, that by helping our brain, we can improve our concentration and communication.

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EPOS BrainAdapt™ Technology & Products

EPOS Industry Leading Voice Pick-up

  • Improves conversation efficiency by 9%

  • Users experiences 18% less difficulty concentrating

  • Reduces listening effort by 21%

In a recent scientific study researchers tested the performance of EPOS industry leading voice pick-up when two people in noisy environments communicated with each other via a virtual call. Results from the study show that using a headset with EPOS industry leading voice pick-up resulted in a more natural call experience and a more efficient conversation.

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EPOS Hybrid Adaptive ANC

  • Improves speech recognition by 48%

  • Reduces listening effort by 67%

  • Improves memory recall by 10%

For professionals working in noisy open offices or on the go, EPOS noise reduction technology is proven to significantly improve the accuracy of recognizing speech in a noisy environment. This makes it easier for people in open offices or taking calls on the go to understand what is said and reduces cognitive effort needed to listen and process speech.

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Protect Your Brain in the Open Office

Built on EPOS BrainAdapt™ technology the IMPACT 1000 is proven to reduce cogntive load on the brain caused by poor audio.

Headsets Proven to Improve Performance

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