New EPOS Manager & EPOS Connect for MacOS – Smart Device Management That Enhances Business Performance

Every business owner knows that improving efficiency is a reliable way of creating growth. Furthermore, making business decisions informed by an up-to-date overview is vital to being more efficient.

EPOS Manager is an excellent way to maintain an overview of your audio assets companywide and plan their optimization. We are delighted to announce that with the latest edition of our smart software solution for MacOS, EPOS Manager now supports all the main operating systems including Windows and Linux through cooperation with our device management partners. Simply sign up for EPOS Manager to get the most from your audio devices.

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Update your devices and boost company productivity
If your business, like many, relies heavily on communication then making sure your audio devices are all up to date via EPOS Manager ensures they are working effectively, and that company communication is optimized. Audio equipment makes or breaks the modern workplace, in fact:

95% admit concentration and efficiency at work suffer due to sonic setbacks*

29min. are lost every week, per employee due to poor sound quality on voice calls*

20% have experienced dissatisfied clients due to poor sound quality*

(*“Understanding Sound Experiences” Report by EPOS 2020)

Ensuring you can manage, update, and optimize your audio devices with EPOS Manager means your people will be able to have conversations that count and be more productive for your business in the long-term.

Implement firmware updates when it suits you
As EPOS Manager can be controlled online from anywhere, you can schedule updates with the latest firmware outside of working hours and minimize downtime, so employee hours are clearly focused on customers. This also frees up IT resources during business hours to be used more efficiently elsewhere in the organization.

Gain analysis and insight to learn how to improve
Good business is about constant improvement. EPOS Manager enables you to extract reports on device mix and headset usage to gain insights into the way your company works and how it can be improved. Perhaps inactive devices can be redeployed elsewhere in your organization so that your team can get the most out of them – this is the kind of information that’s at your fingertips when using smart device management software.

Enhance employee productivity and ensure user wellbeing
With centralized general updates and audio optimization to enhance the user experience you’ll boost employee productivity. Furthermore, you can remotely configure audio devices to comply with your organization’s IT policies. You can even make sure that all company headsets never go above a certain sound level to stay within recommended limits and protect the hearing of your staff in the long-term.

Ensure high security and all-round compatibility
To ensure the security of your system while you manage your audio devices, all communication is encrypted, and no sensitive data is stored, with data encryption both in transition and at rest. Not only compatible with all major operating systems, EPOS Manager is also compatible with major softphone clients, standard deployment tools and web-browsers.

Prioritize performance

Communication is the lifeblood of every business –particularly in call-centers and talk-oriented offices. EPOS Manager and the client software EPOS Connect presents these businesses with a distinct opportunity – update audio devices easily from anywhere and enhance business performance.

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