What Does it Mean to be Certified for Microsoft Teams?

A selection of EPOS Solutions are certified for Microsoft Teams. But how is a certification completed, and what are the benefits for EPOS and you as an end-user? In this blogpost, we will take a deep dive into what it means that a device is certified for Microsoft Teams.

How is the Certification Process Completed?

The Microsoft Teams certification is a globally recognized stamp of quality that proves a commitment to keeping pace with the latest technology. To earn the certification, selected EPOS audio and video solutions go through an extensive testing process under The Microsoft Teams Devices Certification Program.

Through this program, Microsoft ensures that the selected EPOS devices meet a high standard, with high performance targets and quality metrics across the entire Teams experience. Through the certification process, Microsoft and EPOS actively work together to ensure the devices meet all certification requirements, including security, audio and video quality, Teams user experience, and accessibility.

The testing process in the Microsoft Teams Devices Certification Program is completed by an independent lab. For audio solutions, testing includes a series of end-to-end tests of the complete audio signal chain. The lab runs a variety of system tests such as Single Talk, Double talk, near and far end interrupt, latency, and HID functionality. The audio testing is completed in an anechoic chamber and a reverberant room with a battery of objective sound test and subjective listening exercises.

Video enabled devices will go through similar testing in a video lab, testing and validating the picture quality in areas like sharpness and color accuracy. After the lab tests are completed, the tested audio and video devices will go through end-user trials to ensure the best user experience before certification can be completed.

What Does ‘Certified for Microsoft Teams’ Mean for EPOS?

First and foremost, being certified for Microsoft Teams means that a selection of EPOS solutions adheres to Microsoft’s high product performance standards and are well-suited to the Teams ecosystem. In other words, the certification stamp is solid evidence that the certified EPOS solutions are of high quality and easy to use with Microsoft Teams.

Furthermore, with the certification, the Teams system can trust the device and allow it to perform at its full potential. Both the system and end user can be confident that there is no conflict between the hardware and Teams functions, and that all required features work as expected, such as audio and video processing features and control functions.

What Does ‘Certified for Microsoft Teams’ Mean for you?

The Certified for Microsoft Teams stamp can help you navigate in a plethora of hardware, making it easier for you to identify which hardware is correct for your organization’s needs. With EPOS solutions certified for Microsoft Teams, you will get a no-compromise Teams experience, with certified hardware that provides a plug-and-play experience.

Exceptional Performance:

When buying EPOS solutions certified by Microsoft Teams, you can expect a high performing quality product that meets Microsoft Teams’ high standards of superior audio and video quality.

Integrated Meeting Experience:

When purchasing an EPOS solution certified for Microsoft Teams, you will have a device that is tailor-made for the Teams ecosystem. This implies ease-of-use and optimized audio- and video quality to enrich your Teams experience.

Instant, Seamless Communication:

Selected audio solutions have a dedicated Teams button with a LED light, providing full call control and Teams notifications directly through your EPOS device. Microsoft Teams run natively on EPOS video solutions, meaning you can join calls with just one touch and easily activate advanced hybrid collaboration tools such as content sharing and presenter mode directly through your EPOS device.

Devices Certified for Microsoft Teams

Whether you’re a versatile professional on-the-go or a communication agent in a contact center, our ADAPT Line, IMPACT Line and EXPAND Line have a wide range of products certified for Microsoft Teams.

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