Products Purchased from Reseller/Retailer

  • If customer had purchased the device from a Reseller/Retailer, please contact them for replacements.
  • Reseller/Retailer collects faulty device from customer and replace with new device.

Products purchased from Sennheiser Website

  • If customer had purchased the device from Sennheiser website, they can send the proof of purchase and their contact details to Gaming Support at gaminghelp@eposaudio.com

Products purchased from Amazon

  • Log on to amazon.com
  • click on Account & Lists and click on "your orders"
  • Find your order- Please select the correct time frame in the drop down menu if your order is not visible on the first page
  • If the option” Return or Replace items” is visible, click on it and follow the process to return/replace the item directly via Amazon.
  • If the option ”Return or Replace items” is not visible, click on “Invoice” and then on “Order Summary”, take a screenshot of your receipt and send it to gaminghelp@eposaudio.com