GSX Boot Issue

The whole displays lights up during startup twice, but once the PC / Laptop is booted completely, the GSX stays black and off. No buttons can be pressed, no sound can be heard.

"Mechanical solution is to unplug / re-plug, but this should not be the norm"

Potential Solutions

1. BIOS solution
This could indicate that the motherboard bios is attempting to boot the device up before windows takes control of the USB ports.
Maybe you could check in the Bios settings:
If the Bios in the motherboard have configurations for booting on USB, this should be disabled
If the Bios in the motherboard have other settings for USB that are non-standard. “fast modes” or other “USB optimized” modes may cause issues, best to set them to “standard”.

If the Bios in the motherboard have settings for “always power” on the USB ports (Convenient for charging a mobile, but maybe not so good during boot where the power can be “ON/OFF” several times during the boot sequence)

2. On-board Audio Drivers
Check if having the motherboards own audio software active interferes with the GSX. You might want to remove Realtek Audio (or whatever your onboard is named) from the startup.
Completely uninstall Audio Drivers such as:
Nvidia Audio Drivers
Realtek HD Audio Driver

3. USB - Sleep Mode
Please check if the USB driver / port is going into Sleep Mode after boot up. In such a case you need to disable "USB going into
Sleep Mode"- function.