Stand Alone Forced update

Please follow the steps below when Gaming suite displays the following error "Cannot update dongle firmware to headset or vice versa"

1) Download the GSP 370 update tool in the attachment and save it your PC.

2) Before using the tool, please exit the Gamingsuite by right clicking on the icon in the task bar and select exit.

3) Check if Gaming Suite Service is also stopped. Go to Task Manager, in services tab confirm if Gaming Suite is running as a service.

3) Open the GSP 370 update tool and launch Gamingsuiteplugin from component folder

The above screen will open up

4) Plug the dongle to your PC and click on start dongle update and follow the instructions that displays in the Gamingsuite

5) Once dongle is updated, connect the headset via USB cable and click on Start Headset update and follow the instructions. Please note when Gaming Suite says "Turn off the headset and on, unplug and plug the headset USB cable, do not remove the USB dongle, remove the USB cable connected to the headset and plug again.

6) Now firmware will be downloaded and update the headset firmware.