Wired headsets and explanations

Our wired headsets come in several different series and with almost all possible connectors to ensure that we have the right headset for you.

Choosing a wired headset

We have several series of wired headset available: the Century series, the Circle series, the Culture and Culture Plus series, as well as the CC and SH series.

The Century series (SC 6xx) represents the best wired headsets in our portfolio. From their flexible microphone boom arms equipped with ultra noise cancelling technology, to their robust and durable materials including leatherette earpads, these headsets are our premium wired products. The headset is available with Easy Disconnect, built-in USB connection, or built-in 3.5 mm jack connection (including a variant with USB adaptor).

The Circle series (SC 2xx) is made up of high quality headsets, built to last and featuring noise cancelling microphones. The Circle series is available with Easy Disconnect, or built-in USB connection.

The Culture series (SC 3x and 6x) are designed primarily for use with Unified Communications environments and all of the headsets feature USB connection and noise cancelling microphones.

The Culture Plus series (SC 4x and 7x) is the next generation of the Culture series. These headsets feature either built-in 3.5 mm jack connection, USB connection, or a built-in 3.5 mm jack with a USB connection adaptor.

Please be aware that there is no variant of either the Culture or Culture Plus series which features Easy Disconnect.

The CC series (CC xxx) are robust headsets intended for every-day use. They feature adjustable microphone boom arms with our ultra noise cancelling technology, and cushioned headbands for increased comfort and wearability. All headsets of the CC series feature Easy Disconnect.

The SH series (SH xxx) is comprised of light-weight headsets with flexible boom arms and noise cancelling microphones. All of the headsets within this series also feature Easy Disconnect.

Understanding the different variants

With such a large range of wired headsets available, it is easy to be overwhelmed with choice. Here are some handy hints to understand what the name of a wired product can tell you about the headset you are looking at.

USB: The abbreviation USB indicates that this headset has a USB built-in connection and does not feature Easy Disconnect.

MS/ML: This abbreviation indicates that the headset has been certified for use with Mircrosoft's Skype for Business.

SC with a 3 or 4 in the second last position: Such as SC 630, SC 30 or SC 40, this indicates that these are monaural or one-sided variants.

SC with a 6 or 7 in the second last position: Such as SC 660, SC 60 or SC 70, these headsets are binaural or two-sided variants.

SC with a number ending in 5: These are headsets such as SC 665 or SC 75. The 5 indicates that there is a built-in 3.5 mm jack. A 5 and a USB in the name means that the headsets features a 3.5 mm jack as well as an adaptor for USB connection.

A number ending in 2: These headsets have been optimized for use with end-devices with a low impedance, such as the handsets of some mobile DECT telephone systems, such as SC 632.

Easy Disconnect

Easy Disconnect is a EPOS standard connector which is featured on the majority of our headsets. It allows for quick and easy connection to a whole range of different bottom cables to ensure compatibility of our headsets with the widest possible array of end-devices.

It also future proofs the headset from changes in your telephony environment. Switching from desk phone to a soft phone solution on PC? With an Easy Disconnect headset, you can change out your current bottom cable to a bottom cable with an USB connection, without having to buy a whole new headset.

To find out which bottom cable you'll need for your desk phone, smartphone or other end-device, please make use of our compatibility guide for the most up-to-date and accurate information.

The compatibility guide

You can use eposaudio.zendesk.com to find exactly the correct bottom cable for almost 10,000 different end-devices.

In step one, you will enter the model of desk phone or other end-device you are using. As some companies will re brand another's manufacturer's phone to sell as their own, if you can't find your model straight away, try searching only with the model number and leave the brand name out.

In step two, you will be asked to select the headset model you are interested in.

In step three, you will be shown the compatibility. If the headset model is a wired headset with Easy Disconnect, you will be shown the correct bottom cable that you need to ensure that headset functions with your end-device.

It is very important to ensure you have the right cable, as many cables share the same size or style of connector, often there are multiple internal configurations possible. The compatibility guide will give you certainty that you are using correct cable for your constellation.