How to anonymize data collected by EPOS Connect Manager

EPOS Connect Manager tenant administrator can configure what data is collected from the users connected to the tenant. They can select between the following three options in the Settings tab in EPOS Connect Manager in the cloud. The chosen option will apply to all users connected to the tenant.

  1. Collect Personal Data

  • The ‘Collect Personal Data’ option is selected by default, as EPOS always recommends to collect user records.

  • Deselecting this option can cause a hard delete of all users related to that tenant.

  1. Anonymize with AD

  • If the tenant administrator selects the ‘Anonymize with AD’ option, they can use AD groups to deploy an update.

  • User information won’t be sent to HeadSetup Pro Manager.

  1. Anonymize without AD

  • If the tenant administrator selects the ‘Anonymize without AD’ option, they can’t push updates to an AD group.

  • EPOS Connect Manager will not connect to Active Directory and send the data back to the server.

  • The ‘AD Group’ tab will be hidden in the ‘Manage User’ section.