EPOS Connect behavior for enterprise users

  1. Query AD for user registration (only first-time launch for enterprise user)

    1. For Azure AD environment, HSUP will be failed for user registration and check for update.

    2. Freeware user will skip the user registration step.

  2. Send the device information to cloud (real-time)

  3. Check for update (every heartbeat- two hour)

Every heartbeat, Epos Connect will check with cloud and pull updates or configurations from could to agent.

For EPOS Connect sending info to cloud-like device information or any events for the report, that is real-time!

Message size/bandwidth for one user:

  • Size of the message: less than 10 KB (any events like device info, data for reports)

  • Software package: around 60 MB

  • Firmware package: around 1 MB