SD Series Overview

The SD series consists of range of different headsets using DECT technology to provide outstanding range and clarity. There are three different styles of headset, and two different types of base station, meaning that there are 6 variants in total.

Headset variants

Just as with the DW series, there are three types of headset which may be used with this system. They are:

  • Office style headset (SD 10 HS)
  • Pro 1 style headset (SD 20 HS)
  • Pro 2 style headset (SD 30 HS)

Office style

The Office style headset features a fixed microphone boom arm and a noise cancelling microphone. It also features a variety of different wearing style:

  • Over head: The headset can be attached to a headband.
  • On ear: The headset can be worn on the ear using an earhook.
  • In ear: The headset can be worn on the ear using an ear-plug, sold separately, to hold it in place.
  • On neck: A neckband can be purchased separately.

Pro 1 and Pro 2 style

These headsets have a fixed headband, meaning there is only one wearing style possible. They feature a flexible boom arm and an ultra noise cancelling microphone for superior voice clarity. The Pro 1 has one earpiece while the Pro 2 has two.

Base station variants

Within the SD series, there are two possible base station variants:

  • Standard (unmarked): This base station features dual connectivity capability and can be used with both a deskphone and a PC via USB.
  • Microsoft certified (marked 'ML'): This base station also features dual connectivity, and is certified by Microsoft for use with Skype for Business, also known as Microsoft Lync.

Variant matrix

With two possible base stations and three possible headsets, there are 6 possible combinations in which headsets of the SD series are available - as demonstrated below.

Office style

SD 10 HS

Pro 1 style

SD 20 HS

Pro 2 style

SD 30 HS


SD Office

SD Pro 1

SD Pro 2


SD Office ML

SD Pro 1 ML

SD Pro 2 ML