Meet Søren Føns Nielsen


Søren Føns Nielsen

Digital Signal Processing Engineer

M.Sc. Engineering, Mathematical Modeling and Computation

R&D – Digital Signal Processing (DSP)

What I Do

I work as a digital signal processing engineer within product and concept development with a strong focus on own-voice pickup algorithms. This enables our headset customers to be clearly understood, even in noisy conditions. I was part of the team that developed the ADAPT 660 and played a key role in implementing the EPOS AI feature.

What Makes EPOS a Great Workplace

I like the high degree of flexibility and trust in the work environment that enables a good work-life balance. The culture is both passionate and driven while being socially relaxed. The hierarchy at EPOS is flat, so I can comfortably ask a director about their weekend at the coffee machine.

What Drives Me

Innovation! Tackling the problems we are facing head-on together with creative minds is very inspiring. The process from an idea on a whiteboard to a finished product in your hand is an extremely rewarding journey.

Fun fact

I love coffee. I own enough equipment to supply a small coffee shop. I recently bought an espresso machine for my home, and it is a daily joy for me to tweak small parameters (e.g. grind size, dose and pump pressure) to maximize taste.

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