Meet Monica Liv Neerdal


Monica Liv Neerdal

Global PR Project Manager

Pb. of Communications

Global Marketing, Gaming

What I Do

As a Global PR Project Manager I help spread the message of the EPOS brand through local press/partnership activities and build relationships all over the world. My daily tasks consist of managing our seven PR agencies across the world, planning the various press activities for the local markets, covering everything from interviews, product reviews, product launches, esports sponsorship announcements and brand news. For this purpose, I have helped set up various processes to optimize and coordinate our work in PR. Throughout my time at EPOS, some of my biggest projects have been the EPOS brand launch in July 2020, taking lead on a global influencer campaign, various internal communication activities, a global virtual media event and a bunch of fun other creative projects.

What Drives Me

It is incredibly exciting being a part of building a Danish brand with an international scope. My work in PR helps build EPOS’ credibility among our target group and supports the brand building journey we are on. I love having this bigger purpose to work for.

What Makes EPOS a Great Workplace

The work environment at EPOS is amazing – it is a culture with room for everyone to be themselves, where amazing colleagues take teamwork to a whole new level and a culture where I as a young talent get to grow and thrive in my role.

Fun Fact

I’m a terrible winner and the worst competitor ever! Ever since I was a kid, I have let other people win on purpose because I was afraid (and still am) of them getting sad about losing.

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