Out of this world gaming audio

At EPOS, we believe that full immersion is balm to the brain. Whether an activity is physical or mental, forgetting time and place for a moment has an unwinding power on the mind. That’s why our high-end gaming audio is designed to give you a spellbinding experience. Because the thrill of gaming is best enjoyed without compromises.

EPOS, behind the scenes

Some take naps.
Others take over galaxies.

Whether you mow the lawn, read a book, do a downward facing dog or play your favourite video game to relax, it’s all the same to us. We believe that immersing into any activity is good for you. ​ We make industry leading gaming audio that allows you to fully immerse into the gaming experience. ​ ​

That’s why we call it Out of This World Gaming Audio.

Meet the legend

For the gamer that accepts no compromise in quality and performance, the connoisseur that seeks the best tools to boost their competitive edge and enhance their enjoyment of the game. Meet a legend in the EPOS portfolio.
GSP 600
GSP 600

GSP 600

Closed Acoustic Gaming Headset

List price219.00€

Unleash the game

Gain a sixth-sense. Hear every nuanced audio cue and eliminate any chance of miscommunication. Become on with the in-game environment through superior audio.

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Take your game to new levels

Cut away interruptions, leave the world behind and let the power of audio transport you to a different dimension. Progress your game through immersive sound and crisp clear chat designed to enhance the gaming experience.

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Full immersion is balm to the brain. That’s why our high-end gaming audio is designed to give you a mesmerizing experience. So, whether you boot up to zone in or out, EPOS will help you get the most of out of your gaming experience. ​

Let us transport your mind out of this world with the most immersive/captivating gaming audio.

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