EPOS’ Response to Coronavirus

As a responsible company, and part of the Demant Group, we want to take care of each other and our business. Therefore, we contribute to minimizing further spreading of the coronavirus by supporting governments’ recommendations and efforts.

Safety and health for our partners, customers and employees are of highest priority for us, and we monitor and evaluate the situation constantly to operate the business the best possible way. This entails a setup of rules for behavior for our employees and for people in contact with EPOS. These rules follow the guidelines from local authorities to contribute to minimizing the spread of coronavirus, and sometimes even involving stricter precautions.

The rules are subject to change to reflect the current location and situation at any given time.

  • Employees are working on sites following authorities’ guidance and with high safety, health, and hygienic alertness.

  • We have intensified cleaning, disinfection, and extra hygiene alertness at all our facilities / locations

  • We have applied strict limitation on visitor access.

  • We are currently not having larger seminars and customer events and promote virtual meetings as the primary collaborative tool. Likewise, we are assessing our commitment to events on an ongoing basis

  • We have cancelled all cross-border travelling; and we give the same advice for private travels.

  • Employees are sent home in quarantine on any sign of sickness or if they have been even remotely exposed to infected individuals or been in high risk areas.

  • We respect when other people do not want to see us

We are running our operation at normal pace, and all company functions are running at 100%. We collaborate closely with suppliers and partners to maximize productivity capacity and meet customer demands in a timely manner.