Discover the fascinating insights from guest speakers about the importance of lifelike audio in gaming, and how it drives the development of audio equipment. Similarly, you will learn about how the brain interprets audio, and how EPOS builds upon over 115 years of experience to use this knowledge to further the audio experience of gaming. In addition to a line of sessions from our keynote speakers and internal audio experts, we are hosting a panel of key industry leaders sharing insights into the future of gaming audio and discussing their unique views of what’s to come in the industry in 2021 and beyond.

Catch the full event in one go or jump straight to your desired feature - whether if it's one of the keynotes or the panel discussion. Enjoy!



15-Minute Keynote

  • “Brain Hearing - How the Brain Processes Sound” – Jesper Kock - VP of Research and Development

A fascinating insight into how the brain “listens to” and interprets audio. Our resident audio wizard drops tidbits about why and how important lifelike audio is to the gaming experience and imparts how we at EPOS use this knowledge to improve the audio experience, and hence the gaming experience, with our audio equipment.

Expert Panel

  • “What Does the Future Hold for Audio in Gaming?” – Five key industry leaders, led by Danish tech journalist David Guldager

A peek into what might be, and what could be. A panel of key industry leaders will discuss how the power of audio can unleash the potential in gaming and what we can expect as we move into a new decade.

15-Minute Keynote, EPOS Products

  • “Unleashing the Power of Audio in Gaming” – Andreas Jessen - Senior Director, Gaming

A sneak peek into the world of product development at EPOS and the unique technology behind our products. You will meet the people behind the product. We are audio experts with a passion for gaming and we will explain the whys, the hows, the whats and the ins and outs as we bring you behind the curtain for an exclusive peek at product development.


  • Maja Sand-Grimnitz - Global Head of Marketing, Gaming

Introducing our speakers

Our speakers come from a wide range of disciplines within gaming audio and have a wealth of experience and knowledge that they would like to share with our attendees. After the sessions, expect to have an in-depth understanding of how the human brain interprets audio and why this is essential for game design. You will also have a grounding in the exciting technology behind EPOS’ premium product range and hear predictions of how the industry will evolve during the next ten years straight from the mouth of key audio experts.

David Guldager

Danish TV Host and Tech Journalist 

The EPOS virtual event will be hosted by Danish TV host and tech journalist David Guldager. David is a highly acknowledged gadget expert known from Danish morning show ‘Go’ Morgen Danmark’. He’s one of the leading experts when it comes to digital trends, technology and gadgets and how they influence us as human beings.  

Host - both sessions

EPOS: Jeppe Dalberg-Larsen


Jeppe is the president of EPOS. With a background from Demant Group as CIO, he is an experienced tech-leader with profound knowledge in global IT development and business analysis. His more than 20 years in the audio industry make him one of the most influential Danish experts in the field.

Speaker - both sessions

EPOS: Jesper Kock

VP Research and Development

As Vice President of R&D, Jesper is responsible for ensuring technological synergies are leveraged through strategic partnerships and new market and technology trends are addressed accordingly. His 22 years in the audio industry make Jesper one of the leading experts in R&D in the sector.

Speaker - both sessions

EPOS: Maja Sand-Grimnitz

Head of Global Marketing, Gaming

Maja heads up global marketing - spearheading the direction, growth and success of the newly formed EPOS brand within gaming. A visionary member of the senior leadership team, Maja’s extensive global marketing experience and commercial focus is being implemented to build the company’s dominance of the gaming audio market.

Speaker - both sessions

EPOS: Andreas Jessen

Senior Director, Gaming

Andreas champions our ambitious, visionary Gaming product portfolio, bringing a user-centric approach to everything we do. An integral part of the senior management team, he is responsible for global new product development and life-cycle management for existing products across the sector.

Speaker and panel guest - both sessions

Andy Gibson

 Audio Director at the Rev Rooms 

With 15 years of game audio experience and over 25 games under his belt, Andy has worked on games such as, Forza Street, For Honor, The Grand Tour and for companies such as Electric Square, Amazon, Apple, Keywords and Microsoft. He’s a qualified Wwise tutor and certified Fmod professional.

Panel guest on the 10am CET/1am PST/9am GMT/6pm JSP session

Chase Bethea

Video Game Composer/Creative & Technical Audio Designer 

Chase Bethea is a Video Game Composer that has shipped 19 titles in his ten years career such as Electron Flux, Deity Quest, Cubic Climber, Super Happy Fun Block, </ reality>  Aground, I Can't Escape: Darkness and Aztec Ride. He is also an iASIG Steering Committee Leader.

Panel guest on the 7pm CET/10am PST/6pm BST/2am JST session

Adele Cutting

Company Director - Audio Director/Designer

Adele Cutting is a BAFTA award-winning audio professional with 20+ years’ experience audio direction, designing sound, music editing, and speech production. Adele spent 15 years at EA, before founding audio outsourcing company Soundcuts Ltd in 2011

Panel guest on the 7pm CET/10am PST/6pm BST/2am JST session

Martin Kvale

Sound Designer

Martin Kvale is a sound designer from Scandinavian sound troupe NokNokAudio. He works with independent studios developing unique and exciting soundscapes for games and interactive media. 

Panel guest on the 10am CET/1am PST/9am GMT/6pm JSP session

Matteo Stronati

Audio Director at Riot Games

Matteo Stronati is an established Audio Director credited in numerous high-profile games. He is currently Audio Director at Riot Games where he manages a team of 17 sound designers, composers and vo designers and is responsible for the audio development of League of Legends, Wild Rift and Teamfight Tactics across various platforms.

Panel guest on the 7pm CET/10am PST/6pm BST/2am JST session

Dominic Vega

Lead Sound Designer at Avalanche Studios Group 

Dominic is a Sound Designer, with credits on AAA console titles, indie, and mobile games. He specializes adaptive mix systems for games such as the Just Cause series. Currently, he’s a Lead Sound Designer at Avalanche Studios Group in Malmö, Sweden, working on the first-person shooter Second Extinction.  

Panel guest on the 10am CET/1am PST/9am GMT/6pm JSP session

Bjørn Jacobsen

Sound Designer – Cujo Sound 

Bjørn Jacobsen is a sound designer from Copenhagen, Denmark. from where he operates his studio called Cujo Sound.

Bjørn and his team have worked on videogames from small indie projects like DARQ, Ostranauts, and traits of Danger over to massive AAA titles such as Cyberpunk 2077, HITMAN, EVE Online, The Ascent, The Settlers and many more.

Panel guest - both sessions

Games are the most visceral type of entertainment we can imagine, and at EPOS we design our products to give the listener near-perfect lifelike audio for the ultimate immersive gaming experience. We are audio experts with a passion for gaming and a vision to bring the gaming experience to the next level.

During “The Power of Audio in Gaming” you will meet the wizards behind our audio technology as we share the impact that audio has on the gaming experience. We will discuss why lifelike audio is so important to the gaming experience, and explain how we apply our research into how the human ears and brain process audio, to enhance the gaming experience for all gamers.

About EPOS

EPOS delivers high-end audio solutions designed for enterprise and gaming. Building on over 115 years of experience in pioneering audio technology, we strive to unleash human potential by perfecting audio experiences and delivering innovative design and performance with all of our audio solutions.