My device not recognized in the EPOS Gaming Suite

First make sure your headset or sound card is compatible with the Gaming suite. The following devices are compatible H3 Pro hybrid, H3 Hybrid, GTW 270 hybrid, GTW 270, GSP 670, GSP 370, GSX 300, GSX 1000 II, B20.

In order to make your device work in the EPOS Gaming Suite, go to ‘Sound settings’ which can be accessed by searching for
it in the Windows searcher in the bottom left of your screen.
1. Having accessed Sound settings, find the Sound Control Panel in the menu in the right of your screen.
2. Select your device and click Set Default in both the Playback and Recording menu.

3. Go to Gaming suite application and check if the device is recognized.

4. If the device is not recognized, follow the steps below

5. Close the Gaming suite application by right clicking on the icon and select exit.

6. Go to Task Manager- Services- EPOS Gaming suite service- right click and restart the service.

7. Launch the Gaming suite application and check if the device is detected, if the device still doesn't show then restart your Pc and try or try after 2 hours and repeat the steps 5 to 7.