H3 Pro hybrid- only dongle detected in the Gaming suite - Workaround

Issue Description: H3 Pro hybrid headset and dongle are paired with each other and audio functionalities works fine on the PC. But the Gaming suite doesn't detect the headset as paired and shows only the dongle as in the below pic.

In the above picture you can see that in Teams application the H3 Pro dongle and headset are paired but in the Gaming suite it shows as not connected.


A new Firmware 1.3.5 released on 7th of December to fix this issue.


1) Remove the H3 Pro dongle from the PC

2) Connect the H3 Pro headset to the PC via USB cable

3) Open the Gaming suite and you will see update available button to update the firmware of the headset

4) Click on the update and update the firmware of your headset

5) Now remove the USB cable connection, turn on the headset and insert the dongle to the PC and initiate pairing.

6) H3 Pro headset and dongle will be paired with each other and will be detected in the Gaming suite.